Weekend Warrior: Memorial Weekend

My husband was kind enough to run around and do some pictures for me while keeping Adelle out of the shoot. I wanted to show you the skirt I made this past week, I'm working out a tutorial over this weekend and plan to have it up soon. This little beauty reminds me of Urban Outfitters, fabric comes from my massive stash thanks to Grandma Jan. The best part of this skirt, it has pockets. I told you I'll probably be putting pockets in everything I own now. I love pockets!

So any busy memorial days set? Ours is pretty lame, Brett even has work on Monday. We'll grill out with the family, church and all that jazz. We're mainly just trying to get life in order before Brett starts school in a week. Can't believe that it came so fast, He got his books the other day, his ridiculous computer is all set up, now its a matter of me getting the house simplified as much as possible. Any little tricks you guys have to stay organized?

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