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Do you ever get so caught up in getting finished with your project that you forget to do it right? Last night I stayed up till 2 a.m making bread. I've always had an issue with my wheat bread turning out dense, and heavy, I tried a new recipe that my Mom sent me. Well this was no exception, dense and VERY heavy! It still tastes good, but rather than taking the few minutes to really knead the dough I rushed through it, and one of the lessons I need to learn is: You can't rush bread. 2 hours to initially rise, 4 hours to really rise, 1 hour to rise in the greased pans and an hour to bake, that means start in the morning, not at 6p.m. like I tend to! Lesson Noted! We'll see what happens next time!

So plans for Memorial Day? We're doing a family cookout, Brett has to work till 7. If you remember I made this little red and white striped romper for Adelle for the 4th of July, well with the muggy weather already approaching I think it would be safe to say she can be patriotic twice this year. The only thing it was missing was a little blue. I didn't want to add blue permanently, that way she could wear it again without looking like an American Flag. I made this little hair clip for her, it's an easy project in fact you could whip it up this afternoon if you and your family have plans for the evening.
cut 2 circles out of a patriotic fabric, doesn't matter what just red white or blue. One circle a little smaller than the other.

now take your hand needle and a corresponding thread and do a large straight stitch around the edge of the circle. you can do this on a machine as well by increasing your length stitch and don't reverse. Do this to both circles

Pull the end strings tight until the rosettes crinkle up, tie off. Now stack the smaller rosette on top of the other and sew your button on.

Insert your clip through the strings on the back from the button.

Super Easy and Fast!
Do you have any suggestions for Bread recipes? Sometimes it's cheaper just to buy bread but there really is nothing like a good homemade bread with melted butter, MMM!

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