Raining, Pouring, my little girl is snoring

Anyone who's lived in Nebraska or heck even just drove through, knows our weather is completely unpredictable. This week started out at 96, even hotter Tuesday, now it's 75 and pouring. I'm so thankful for the rain. I love storms. I could perfectly exist in a rainy day state. There is nothing better to me than cuddling on the couch and being lazy, but the sun makes me feel guilty as well as my toddler bringing me shoes and pulling me towards the front door, So I am glad to have a day where I have no option but to stay inside, drink an iced chai (made from a mix bought at Trader Joe's) and talk to you lovely people.
Here's to being happy the weather is nice, but please please please can we have a little more spring than summer this year?

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