I admit I've been sitting here writing this post for way too long, going over different things I would like to say, but everything comes out way more complicated than what I want it to be about. SO, in order to follow along with the title I want to say I made this bed sheet for Adelle out of a simple vintage sheet I found at the thrift store for 3.00, and it included a flat sheet as well.
I do these simple little projects for a few reasons, 1: saves money, even at Walmart a crib sheet is at least $8.00. 2: I like the pattern, There is really nothing boring when it comes to Adelle's room. and 3: It's a simple reminder every time I see it that I have a hobby that expresses so much more personality than other interests. At the end of my hobby time I end up (usually) with something beautiful, meaningful and one of a kind.
Sewing doesn't have to be expensive, that's something I've learned from the blogging community, If you're smart and you pay attention you can really learn where to look and what to look for. The hardest part, learning not to bring home too much. I have a lot of simplifying to do. Happy Monday!

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