Weekend Warriors: A regular day on the farm

We headed out to my Sister and Brother-in-law's house on Thursday afternoon for a bit of an adventure. We pet chickens:

It was so fun to get out of town for a little while and enjoy the quietness of the country. I learned a new game called speed scrabble and I admit it's one of my new favorites. We have plans to go back in 28 days. We helped put some guinea eggs in an incubator and would love to watch them hatch. 
My sister also supplied me with a nice jar of homegrown honey, and a jar of dried lavender that I am now addicted to and plotting out a way to grow it in my yard. 
I'm definitely looking for a way to bring the simplicity and quaintness of the farm home with me, so if you have any ideas let me now! Hope your weekend is well.

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