Weekly Pattern: Dress Finished!

So I finished my dress for this past week, this is the first dress I've made for myself. Adelle has stuff I've made, even Brett has a vest, but I've never made myself a dress. It's harder to sew for women, there are the curves you have to worry about, parts you have to flatter, others you hide, but I definitely like it. I wore it out today while I worked with a friend/shopped and while were were in Anthropologie an employee complimented me on my dress. Now if you know Anthropologie and my obvious obsession you will understand what a compliment this was for me!

I learned a few things about sewing while making this dress, first off I learned facing. Facing is the dress fabric you use to line and finish the neckline and sleeves, the second thing I learned was POCKETS! Yes, I learned how to sew simple pockets into the skirt, and believe me I'll be using this method in all my skirts now. I believe that every skirt/dress should have some sort of pocket, would you agree? I'm in the process of picking my pattern for next week, it's between a vogue pattern for me or working on a project I have in my work book, or a tutorial I spotted over at Grosgrain! Is this dress not the cutest little thing ever, I totally want one!

Maybe I'll make one for myself, nothing says I can't have one too, probably won't look as cute on me, but I'll think about it! What are your projects, any turning in your head?

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