B-day Ideas

I have Adelle's birthday on my mind, I know it's a while off but when you're making gifts you have to think ahead, and sometimes WAY ahead! Adelle is lucky enough to have a former shop teacher for a Great Grandpa, One of the things we've been talking about doing for her birthday is a doll house. I never had one growing up but oh how fun it would be to get to play with Adelle and watch her create scenarios.

It's hard to really decide what we want to do, potentially this doll house will be passed down to her children so we gotta pick a good one! I also want to make sure that it's large enough that she/we can play barbies with it as well.
I'm leaning more towards the country home vibe rather than the modern vibe, but I thought this book shelf was pretty creative, and the size would be really good! I have decided that it has to be painted sea foam green, and the yellow door is a must! Isn't this bottom one lovely! you can click on the pictures for the links if you're interested in them for yourself. Did you have a doll house when you were young? Do you have a vote for what we should do?


  1. Great idea! What do you mean you didn't have a dollhouse? What about the one we (cough) built?

  2. haha, built in the most loose of terms!

  3. My daughter is 4 and I've also been itching to assemble/DIY from scratch, etc. I found a sweet country style assemble-and-paint-yourself dollhouse at Hobby Lobby for $99.99 (But with a 40% off coupon, it's not so bad!), but I can't really justify making that kind of big purchase unless it's a b-day or x-mas!
    ...Although, I must admit, the sheer joy I feel when putting these sorts of things together - much less decorating it - is worth the spontaneous un-birthday present!
    My husband (the woodworking hobbyist) insists upon building it himself, but I believe that the Hobby Lobby *kit* is much more cost effective.
    Now to decipher whether dolls AND Barbies and Kens might fit comfortably. No. I'm sure that's another dollhouse altogether! And surely, we can compromise: I *buy* this one and he builds the next!?
    ~ Best Wishes ~