Floor Pouf

We love our dark wood floors, they add so much character to the house and help in our battle against allergies, however they're not so great to sit on, and we are "sit on the floor" people. Adelle will stand in front of the tv rather than sit on the couch so I've had my eye on those adorable floor poufs that you see everywhere. made of leather, crocheted, knitted, sewn what have you! I had fun making this little one for Adelle,

I played around with adding ribbon and experimented with the applique stitches on my sewing machine. It was really easy to make, but I think next time I'll add something else to make it more firm, any suggestions?

Have a lovely weekend!

Oh would you like the tutorial for making your own floor pouf, it's ridiculously easy?


  1. where can i find the pattern for this? i love it!

  2. Hi Meghan, I'll work out a tutorial for it.