Quick Paper Toy Tutorial

Adelle is getting to that toddler point where she wants to do it herself whether that be putting on her shoes, turning off the TV or pouring her chocolate milk. Obviously all of these require some dexterity. I've been thinking about a few ways to incorporate some sewing lessons into an activity that Adelle can do herself, you know, without thread and needle. 
These animal cards were super easy to make, and cheap. Adelle hasn't had a chance to play with them yet, but I can already guess that the cat will be her favorite.
What you need to make these:
paper hole punch.

  • First find some coloring book pages online that you like. I just googled free coloring book pages and a ton of stuff came up.
  • After you've selected your pages print them out on card stock. I found some cheap stuff at walmart, $3 for a huge pack of card stock. It's worth it to get the heavy paper just because regular paper is too thin and flimsy.
  • cut your shape out and paper punch
  • to make the string I took yarn, and threaded the end through a large button to serve as the knot. next take a little bit of tape and tape and roll it around the other end to give it stiffness. If you want to you can add a second piece of tape below the edge just to make a little more finger room for your toddler.
There you go, super easy and fun. I bet you could find a way to teach needle point with this project as well. I'm not a needle pointer so I wouldn't know where to begin. Hope you try this out. and if you have any links for good coloring pages I'd love to have them. 

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