Thrift Thrifty

Last week we did a little shopping at the best stores ever, thrift stores and garage sales. Even at these places I find myself being extremely cheap, I don't know if it's the fact that the stuff is used that I expect it to be really cheap or I hope that people don't realize the true value of the treasures I want! Well I scored big on Wednesday last week
guess how much? $5! Not too bad. I barely got it into the house before she claimed her rightful seat! 
It has a nice little storage area for her drawing paper, and it makes mornings easier. Now she can just pull out a piece of paper and some crayons and color while I catch just a few more z's.
This did however create a little problem, broken crayons all over the floor. So I followed a little tutorial and melted the crayons down into new ones. now there are only 5 crayons I have to pick up, and they're kind of fun. We'll see how fast it takes for these to get all broken down.
Have you been thrifting at all lately, do you have any recommendations for a good thrift store, or consignment shop?

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