Weekend Warriors: I Love You For Sentimental Reasons

This Weekend was the Wedding Weekend. One of my best of friends married her very best friend. It was beautiful wedding and I had a ton of fun with all the bridesmaids, The amazing Peterson family (Brides Family) Whom I now claim as my own and of course my own hubby. In perfect Jenna and Evan style the whole day was filled with geek references, quotes, laughter, awesome dance moves and cute little smirks. I think I smiled the whole day.

I think my favorite part was the couples first dance. They started out with the song above, we had been having sound system troubles so no one expected that the hick-up in the song was intentional. All the sudden it changed to a techno song and the bride and groom whipped out their moves! Including the matrix, and the shuffle. It was hilarious and definitely showed their goofy personalities. I'm so excited for them and looking forward to some future double dates and game nights!  

Thanks goes to Caitie for the pictures.

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