Weekly Pattern Update

I told you earlier this week that I was a little nervous cutting into that beautiful vintage plaid, well to put myself at ease I chose a different fabric for the first time using this pattern, and I have to say,  it's perfect! It's very summery.

I showed the bodice to Brett and he asked if it was going to be any longer? I gave him the usual look of "what do you think?" This is what I got done last night, not too bad for only 3 hrs. of work.


It's kind of funny how vintage patterns are laid out, the nice thing is the pattern is already cut out for you, so all you have to do is place it onto your fabric, the bad thing about that is it's one size and one size only. This dress maybe a little too big for Adelle but I'd rather have it be too big than too little. Another nice thing about vintage patterns is they use very descriptive words to describe what to do, like SLASH, rather than cut, It may not really help but I'm a sucker for strong verbs!
I'll be finishing up this little beauty hopefully today during nap time. Maybe it'll make it's debut in Adelle's wardrobe on Sunday for Church, maybe!

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