Chalk Board Tutorial

With all the school buzz going about I thought it was finally time to actually use the chalk board paint I bought over a year ago. We've had this creepy painting for a little longer than I'd like to admit. 
I liked the frame and bought it with the plan of turning it into a chalk board. for a while we had it up in our bedroom, the girl kinda creeped us out so this is what we did for a while.

Using some black spray paint I painted the frame and primed the picture to even it out.

Using a sponge brush I put two coats of chalk board paint on waiting a half hour between coats. The nice thing about painting the frame black is I didn't have to worry if I got some chalk board paint on the frame, didn't show.

Now it hangs at the perfect height for Adelle to utilize. I like what it adds to our dinning room.

In other news I passed my final test for Licensing. It's official, I'm a Cosmetologist, or as a teacher once said a Trichologist. Sounds more important, right? Did anyone get a chance to try out the hair tip from yesterday?

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