For the Love of Ruffles!

Half way there, I think I cut my pieces a little too short, this is why I don't quilt! Kudos to those who do! I'm still excited about this big project, I haven't worked on it for a few days due to a million other things going on but my goal is to get it done by Friday. I have so many other projects calling my name. Like house shoes for Adelle, so she stops wearing her other shoes so much. She's starting to get blisters. The project I'm most excited to get started on is this: Bridesmaid dresses for a friends wedding. Granted the wedding isn't till next June but I'm very excited!
The patterns came in Tuesday, fabric shopping is in order and measurements than we can get started. I was so happy when she asked me. I also get to make the vests for the groom and his groomsmen. I love a man in a vest, not like this though:
more like this:
What's your favorite man look?

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