Good Ole Patriotism

This weekend was quite an event, we spent Sunday night in Adams at my Sister and Brother-in-law's acreage. Church, shopping, swimming at the lake for the first time and some good ole brauts, It was a lot of fun. Adelle enjoyed the deep end of the lake and kayaking with Aunt Christy, she did pretty good for a while for being napless. For the 4th we headed 3 towns over to Crete to visit our Grandparents and Mom. It was pretty relaxing and we got to do the best kind of thrifting, Free! Christy and I headed down to Grandma's basement and picked a few things that we liked. I just so happened to score...A RECORD PLAYER! it needs a new needle but isn't the Imperial Record Player glorious? Can't wait to play it! I promised my Grandpa that I would keep a picture of him inside since he's the one who gave it to me.

I had a ton of fun but I am happy to get back to a normal schedule, I was so exhausted yesterday that Brett let me head to bed early, like 7pm. I do feel a lot better. What did you do for the 4th? Do I have any big fireworks fans out there?

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