July 26th

3 years have passed since I walked down the aisle to Star Wars music (it was instrumental so if you didn't know Star Wars you would have never guessed), can't believe we pulled off an outdoor wedding in the middle of July. We both have changed so much over those three years. Brett has become a great provider, is using his creativity and humor to pursue his dream job and is the best father to Adelle I could possibly hope for. I'm a SAHM, which I never would have thought would have been in my future, a cosmetologist and exploring my creativity through a ton of different medias. Brett has always been an encouragement to me through all of it. He's taught me to take my time on projects and do it well (something I struggle with, I like to rush and see the end product!) He's always listened to the drama that went on in my past work places and in hair school, not an easy job. Brett has encouraged me to learn as much as I can about everything I want to learn and has stretched my sense of humor, knowledge of D&D, Star Wars, Video Games, Science, Music, History and Taekwondo.
We enjoyed a nice stay-cation at home while Adelle enjoyed some time with Aunt Christy, Uncle Alan and Charli.  I can't imagine my life with anyone else, and I'm sure there is no one in this life who could truly accept my awkwardness as well as Brett does.

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