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So as you may have read I took a little class in serging, for those of you who don't know what a serger is you should Google it, especially if you're learning to sew. The class was amazing! It was one on one with a woman who just so happened to teach with my Grandmother-in-law Jan back in the day. Seriously I learned so much from her, including how to thread the machine, how to look at tension, fix tension, fix cutting length, change needles, what buttons do what, and of course the most important how to serge. I am absolutely in love with this machine! I've just started a new project labeled: Duvet Cover. We have an amazing Duvet we got for our Wedding from Brett's late Aunt Vicki but it gets rolled up in the current cover we have, plus the color scheme doesn't really fit. So inspired by Anthropolgie's ruffled duvet cover I'm making my own out of some white bedsheets I bought from Walmart. Sorry Anthropologie I can't afford your amazing stuff.

I started this project by basting the first stitch and then gathering by hand, that did not work out so well, pretty much I ended with a broken string and a very angry face. I looked up my sewing machine and found what they call a gathering foot. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do any large amount of ruffles, gathering for dresses or skirts buy one! mine was only $15. and my project went WAY faster than if I had done it by hand.
The lady at the store said there is also what is called a ruffling foot, which looks really complicated and way more expensive but it ruffles the fabric by pleating, so that could be interesting. For now I am as content as could be with this little baby. That was always my least favorite part of sewing was having to ruffle.

If you live in the Metro Area and you're interested in learning serging just let me know and I'll get you the info for the shop I went to. I have plans to go back this next Wednesday for Serging 2, I get to learn a ton of different stitches. Oh and the class was only $35 for 3 hours of teaching.

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