Weekend Warrior: Pattern Panic!

  I have been going crazy with buying patterns lately, it's almost ridiculous! If you go to VoguePatterns.com you can get them for a quarter of the price fabric stores charge, Also Hancock and JoAnn's fabric is having sales on different pattern lines, $1.97 um, yes please! I think I have enough though between online and paper I should be set for um...a few years! Fashions change right? So I'll have to buy more later. I think one of the many excitements to sewing is you can pick an outfit you like and use any color of fabric, any kind of fabric you want. you can edit it, you can save the pattern and make a larger or smaller size later down the road or you can just hoard them like I do and pull them out and dream of all the things you could make.

I have baby shoes to finish today then I'm on to a new pattern, oh the choices!! I know of one thing that is coming up next week though, TUTORIAL!

I'm also working on a giveaway so keep your eyes open.

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