Weekend Warrior: Props to The Hubby

 Brett was kind enough to take Adelle for practically this whole week while I wandered around Omaha, learning new things, meetings and exploring with friends. Adelle is in Love with her Daddy. I think she's at that age where she just wants to be with him at all times, she even makes him take his button up shirt off when he's at home so he can't leave the house.
One thing they love, Cheddar Whales. They're a cheap version of Goldfish but Brett has always liked them better. He almost has to hid them when Adelle's around just so she doesn't eat them all.
He also taught Adelle how to say Toy Story this week and how to climb the ladder for the slide in the backyard. Little does Adelle know that Grandma and Grandpa just bought her a Sand Turtle to play in. It should be an interesting, dirty summer. Have an awesome 4th!

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