Weekend Warriors: Dinner Menu

Since Brett is in the process of finishing school, working full time, I'm a SAHM and we're starting to save up to buy a house you can imagine how tight our budget is. It's hard to even go to the grocery store without going over budget. One of the things that we're doing for August is a spending fast. We are not buying anything except groceries and gas for the whole month of August (and my birthday is in August) but we're doing this 1: to see how much we could save if I didn't have a spending problem, and 2: because we have no need to buy anything.

For this month we're going to try the Envelope system, It's too easy for me to go over budget when all I have to do is whip out my debit card. Instead I'll be getting cash out at the bank during bank hours and putting my card away. I have my menus planned for the next two weeks. Have you tried menus or the envelope system. I think the hardest thing about doing menus is Brett always wants to eat the ingredients I need to make other things, like mushrooms! I think that this little experiment will be good for us and our wallet. Hope you have an awesome weekend, try to stay cool I hear there is a heat wave coming, GAG!

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