What's that? A TURTLE!

 Adelle has had her eye on the neighbor boy's sand turtle for a while now, and to her surprise Grandma & Grandpa got one for her.  Looks like I'll have to become an outdoor person. I've known about this surprise for about half the week and I have to say it was hard not to mention it at all, but it was totally worth her surprise and excitement!
We've been spending a lot of time outside at least while it's still cool in the morning. Brett and I just bought a hammock from Target for $18. Yay for 75% off! If you're in need of anything outdoors head over there now!
Adelle was too interested in all the new toys to bother looking up, but we are definitely thankful to Grandma and Grandpa for her turtle. Do your kids have a sand box? Any recommendations on toys?

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  1. Cheryl recommended Targets dollar area for toys, I stopped over there yesterday and everything was 50% off! A dollar is good but 50 cents is even better!