1 year ago

This is a picture of Adelle I took yesterday, She found her tights in her closet and thought it would add to her dance routine

Doesn't she look like she belongs in the eighties with her flash dancing?

Here is a picture of her from a year ago, Even then she had a shoe obsession.

I think kids are truly the evidence of time and change. Adelle looks so different. She's lost almost all of her baby chub to muscle and it's so crazy to think she'll be 3 this year! We've got some lovely plans for her birthday party, thankfully it's not till October so I'll have a little time to prepare and enjoy it.
Today is my Father-in-law's birthday party, I guess their celebrating by cleaning their basement, Good news for Adelle though, they found the old kitchen set that Brett's grandpa built. A fresh coat of paint, and I think we'll be in business! Have a good Wednesday.

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