Hi Ho Hi Ho

Don't worry I'm not going back to work or anything but I have to say a lot of this week has felt like work. Adelle's been in this whining/ not listening stage and it's making me miss the days when she was just such a happy baby. She would smile even when she was sick. Oh the good ole' quiet days. Have you had any issues with whining? If so I would love your advice!

On to good news, a Nebraska Photographer and I have collaborated together on an upcoming photoshoot. I'm very excited to get to work with her and her models. Check out Megan's webpage and if you're interested in her amazing skills and are a local Nebraskan you should definitely contact her. Look at her work! Ugg I want to learn!

I'll be helping with styling the shoot, including hair, makeup and dressing. We'll just so happen to be using the dress from the September sew-a-long! This is one of the reasons I went to Hair school, doing the daily cut and color is fun and all but there is nothing like seeing your work photographed and modeled. The same is for clothes!  I'm so excited.
So excuse me if I'm gone for a bit this week we have measurements and Omaha Fashion Week and Family visiting all happening this week. Have an awesome Monday!

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