Let the Voting Begin

So first off, Happy Birthday to me, I'm 25 woot woot!

Now on to the main event, VOTING! I've been scouring pdf patterns online like it's nobodies business, and it wasn't until today that I thought, you know for the third week it might be good to take a small breather before mastering the blazer. So I give you the cool down week!

The first option are these adorable bloomers offered up by Colette Patterns, An amazing pattern shop that specializes in retro designs. I made these for my friend's bridal shower and they turned out adorable, I wouldn't mind making a pair for me as well.

The second pattern comes from Colette Patterns as well, the Sorbetto Top.
This will look darling with that pencil skirt and your future blazer! Best of all both are free. Visit Colette patterns to browse through all their amazingness, their patterns are super easy to follow and this would be a nice versatile pattern to learn.

To Vote: Leave a comment expressing which pattern you prefer for the Sew-A-Long. Feel free to share the info for September Sew-A-Long by tweeting and facebooking. You'll also notice that to the left is a button, grab that baby and pin it to your sidebar as a reminder and a fast link to the Sew-a-long!

Voting closes August 20th, to guarantee everyone has a chance to get their materials. Can't wait to get started with you guys, it's gonna be amazing!


  1. hi amber! i vote for the bloomer! it looks so cute and comfy as a roomwear.

  2. I vote for the bloomers too!!! so cute and sexy!!!