Omaha Fashion Week Recap

Jenna and I went to one of the fashion shows held last week for Omaha Fashion Week. It was fun to get dressed up and hang out downtown, even if it is Omaha.
Seeing Mommy getting all dolled up Adelle wanted a little pampering too. Brett was kind enough to oblige her.
There were some interesting pieces and then a lot of  "out there" pieces. In my head a Fall Fashion show should be filled with some Fall Fashion. There was one designer who did all re-purpose stuff, which there were some things that were cool but for the most part it was random stuff sewn together. Another girl did Sun dresses with machine guns theme, um...interesting? Probably my favorites were the Wedding dresses by Jessica Hansen, Maybe it was because I felt I could appreciate the meticulous work she put into it and it was her first collection to show!
 This photo doesn't do justice to her work!

I have to admit I wasn't all that impressed with what I saw, and maybe I'm judgmental but I'm pretty sure anyone on Project Runway would be ripped apart for producing most of these garments or these ideas!

Jenna and I have decided to make our own Fashion line. We're having fun toying with the idea and if we happen to fulfill it that would be awesome too!

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