Phone calls

I have a lot of To Do's on my list for today 2 of which deal with finances. I hate dealing with financial people, probably because I was one. US Bank decided to charge fees to a credit card I never used, well there went my longest standing credit card then the other Credit card company decided they couldn't help me with any of my questions. I'm amazed at how the credit card world works! Brett and I are working on limiting our usage, I don't really care if they offer 4% cash back it doesn't really add up when you have the chance of having to pay a ridiculous interest rate to use money. Well anyway, at least those phone calls are out of the way and over with.

I just got off the phone with the Pre-school speech administrator. We've been talking about having Adelle evaluated by a Speech Pathologist because she does seem a little slower to speak than other kids, and hopefully it's not a big deal but we definitely want to take every opportunity we have to encourage her. I think one of the biggest factors is Brett and I aren't loud, we're not huge talkers. We're very quiet, and enjoy the quiet. We'll have to just wait and see.

We're also dealing with some end of summer allergies, Adelle's nose has been running all day and she had a hard time sleeping, I've been back and forth but I'm feeling good for now.

Well that is the family update for the week! Are you excited for September! I am! I'm ready for Fall and I'm ready for this sew-a-long! Make sure you have your stuff for the bloomers by next Sunday!

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