Vintage Dress

This morning Adelle and I got to go shopping with the the Raglin Ladies for the bridesmaid dress fabric. It's exciting to see all the materials needed pile up. Soon all of this fabric will be turned into 3 Bridesmaid dresses and 4 Men's vests.
I may have bought a few things for myself, all on sale and all with coupons. I have some white jersey I plan on dying and making a maxi skirt, I think that's tutorial worthy, and a lovely print for a dress for fall. I got the snaps that I'll use to FINALLY finish those promised baby shoes, and some clear elastic to use for easy smocking. It's really the little things in life, right?

My Mom brought Adelle some lovely little dresses that my Mom wore when she was her age, so around 50 yrs old. She wore the first around the house, it was too short to go outside, however, the second was perfect to wear for church. The second she woke up Sunday morning she wanted it on.
She pranced, danced and spun around as much as she could before it was time to leave. For once I think she was more excited about her dress than shoes, and that is a big deal!
Well I have to admit, we're a little exhausted from the shopping trip, time to take it easy till dinner!

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