With the windows open, Adelle playing in her room and the smell of clean laundry this Monday isn't too bad. This past weekend my sister and I went to the Women of Faith Conference. It was great to hang out with her for the weekend, now it's back to preparing everything for the Sew-A-Long. Have you had a chance to vote? If not you better get over there, Even if you're not participating it'd still be great to hear your opinion. Plus these sew-a-longs will be up even after September so if you ever come back to a pattern and decide to give it a go you'll have the tutorial as a reference.

Are you guys ready for Fall like I am? All the schools are getting ready. One of my favorite parts of the Fall and living so close to the junior high school is the marching band practices up and down our street. It's like our own private parade and Adelle loves seeing all the kids. I'm ready for cool weather, we've been enjoying a good amount of it as of late, which is fine by me! Bring on the rain! Well I'll be getting back to smelling my clean clothes have an awesome Monday and don't forget to vote!

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  1. I am ready for fall...it's my favorite time of te year! Thanks for stopping by my blog!