Audrey Cape From Run & Play

I saw this great up-cycle over on Project Run & Play, great contest that you need to check out! The women behind Simple Simon are amazing and yesterday I finally had a little energy/ gave up on cleaning for the day to sew something. It took me a little over an hour, from start to finish and it turned out lovely! Adelle doesn't cooperate very well when it comes to taking pictures, I think I need a few lessons in it! It's fully lined with a lovely copper lining and the fabric is via Grandma Jan's stash.

This project makes me want to force Adelle to be Sherlock Holmes for Halloween, but I think she's pretty set on a frilly purple dress with puffed sleeves! Random thought: I was at Target today and they are charging $30 for a dress up dress for little girls. UGG! So glad I know how to sew, I may just be really cheap but no way would I pay that! Do your kids have their halloween outfits planned out?

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  1. Great fabric choice! You have inspired me to try one for my little girlies. Elizabeth featured your beautiful cape on Simple Simon and Co the other day here: