Bloomer Sew-A-Long Friday

We're to the last day, are you ready to be amazed at your skill? Today we're going to make buttonholes. If you have never made a buttonhole with your sewing machine don't worry you'll be amazed at how easy it is. I admit that if you have an older sewing machine you may have to do this manually, and I recommend you look in your manual, or find your manual online by googling the model. So lets get this finished

  • First find the buttonhole marks on your pattern sheet and match them to the front of your shorts and mark them using a washable pencil (white colored pencil works too) If you were like me and had a little problem distinguishing front from back, try them on.
  • After you've found your buttonhole markings get your special buttonhole making foot out (if your machine has one.)
choose the buttonhole stitch and push down on the foot, mine has a little white lever you pull down that is to the left back of the needle that works with the foot to create the buttonhole.

  • Finish the raw edge of your leg openings using either a serger or your zigzag stitch.

  • Fold your leg opening towards the inside of the shorts 1 1/2", make sure it is the same length all the way around

 Create a casing for your buttonholes by stitching from the top of the buttonhole all the way around, I think mine was 5/8"
Next create a pleat at the buttonholes by folding them in together and pin
secure your pleat by stitching on the line you used to create the casing.
using a safety pin again insert your chosen color of ribbon, and gather the leg opening making sure that it's wide and comfortable enough for your thigh. Try them on before you cut the ribbon.
sew your ribbon into a cute bow and cut, repeat on the 2nd leg.

YAY! you're done! How do they look?

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