Bloomers Sew-A-Long Monday

Sorry for such a late start, we've been in the middle of ransacking our attic and painting some furniture this weekend. I am so excited to get to sew with you all! This is going to be a fun month.

We're taking the bloomers nice and slow so we can ease ourselves into it. So grab your gear and lets get started.

For this first day We're going to print out our pattern, and put it together. Using the graphing system provided makes it nice and easy, I also made sure my printer was on the lowest quality and grayscale to save a little ink and money.

  • Find your size and cut it out, If you'd like to trace it using tracing paper you can definitely do that just make sure you mark your pieces and all the info included. 
  • With your pieces cut out place your patterns on your fabric, fabric should be folded since you'll need 2 of each piece.

I used weights to hold the pattern down and cut, you can use pins if you'd like but these little guys are awesome if you just so happen to have a fabric store gift card and don't know what to buy.
cut your pattern pieces out.
  • Put your extra fabric away and prepare for tomorrow by pinning the inside curve of your pattern pieces.

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