Bloomers Sew-A-Long Thursday

Are you excited to start wrapping this project up?

Now that you have your casings made for your waistband we're going to insert the elastic.

  • Measure your elastic to your hip width minus 2"
  • Insert elastic by using a safety pin that will easily fit into your casing you just made
  • Insert your elastic into the 1st and 2nd casing (if you only made three,) if you made 4 then insert it in the 1st and 3rd line.
  • After you have your elastic weaved through your casing overlap the ends of the elastic and use the zigzag stitch to secure them together

  • You usually want them overlapping perfectly but sometimes it's hard to get elastic to stay still.
  • do the 2nd casing.
  • next stretch your waistband so it sucks the elastic into the casing, then stitch your casings close.

 Your waistband is finished! Tomorrow we'll finish up these babies. see you tomorrow!

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