Bloomers Sew-A-Long Tuesday

Are you guys ready for step two? I forgot to mention if you ever feel like jumping ahead, especially if you happen to have the extra time right then and there feel free to do so!

So for the second day we're going to sew the crotch.

  • With your inside curves pinned using a 5/8th " seam allowance stitch the curve. making sure that you lock your stitches by reversing first, stitching and reversing again at the end.
  • Next finish the raw edges on your seams, you can do this with a Serger, if you don't have one you can use your zig zag stitch. This is important, first this protects your clothes in the wash so they don't unravel (believe me I've felt the pain of a finished project ruined in the washing machine) So make sure you finish your edges
  • Now unfold your pattern pieces and put them together right sides facing each other and pin the crotch (they're slowly starting to look more like shorts right?
  • Using your 5/8th" seam allowance again stitch the two pieces together, then finish off the raw edges of your seam allowance.

Tomorrow we'll take care of those side seams. See you tomorrow!

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