Bloomers Sew-A-Long Wednesday

Today we're going to get the side seams sewn up and start on the waist band

  • To begin pin your side seams together right sides facing each other, using your 5/8th" seam allowance stitch the sides closed remembering to lock your stitches and then finish your raw edges.

  • Next finish the raw edge of the waist band
  • fold the waist band over by 2" and iron flat, making sure that the fold is 2" all the way around
  • then you're going to stitch 3 or 4 rows for the elastic, I chose 3 because it seemed like a waist of time to do a 4th row.
  • starting from the top measure 3/8th" down, this should be the width of the foot of your machine.
  • stitch this completely closed.
  • next measure 3/8th" again but this time make sure you leave a large enough opening to be able to insert elastic, I reminded myself to not close this stitch by placing two large pins at the ends of this opening that way I wouldn't stitch over them.


  • repeat this step one or two more times, your choice.
We'll insert the elastic and finish up the waistband tomorrow.

Have any questions? feel free to leave a comment, I'd be glad to help in any way possible!

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