Early Development Network

Recently Brett and I had Adelle evaluated for development, We were a little concerned about her speech and just wanted to see where she stood over all. We're glad we did and she was accepted to the program under a developmental delay. A speech pathologist as well as a teacher will be coming over weekly to help Adelle catch up and teach us, as parents, strategies to help encourage her speech as well as other forms of development such as cognitive and motor skills.
This was kind of a sobering experience for us, not just because our egos were hurt a little but because as we watch Adelle more closely we're noticing her hitting the milestones that we would have missed out on if we hadn't had her evaluated. We're setting short and long term goals to encourage better communication between all and I have to say their strategies are amazing! Even in just a week we've seen a massive difference in how we enjoy each other. Currently the main goal right now is getting Adelle to understand what we are saying/ planning after certain activities and doing it without a fight or whining. Such as "We're gonna swing for 2 more minutes and then we'll go inside and have a snack." It's worked AMAZINGLY!
I'm also trying to learn to include her in more activities. Sometimes it's hard when you just want to get it done, but it's nice to see her try different things. We made homemade pancakes together and she helped me measure everything, but her favorite thing was stirring. She likes hearing Daddy tell her she did a good job making pancakes too, of course who wouldn't! We're really excited to watch as this unfolds and we're thankful for the people who do this program.
If you are concerned about your child or are just interested in having them evaluated, call your local elementary school and ask about the Early Development Network, the program is completely free and they have access to tons of information, even free family activities around your area. Totally worth it. 

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