Tutorial: Making Laundry Soap

I never would have thought I'd be a person making my own laundry soap, but I found an easy and quick recipe and I thought I'd give it ago, After seeing the ridiculous amount of savings, how easy it is and smelling the difference I am all for it! So here is the recipe, if you'd like to explore other options for laundry soap here is the link to ten great recipes including some for a liquid.
Supply cost: all together was probably $7 but your borax and washing soda will last you FOREVER!
Washing Soda
and 1 bar of soap (any kind you like)

First shred your bar of soap, I bought a grater specifically for this, I didn't want soap on my cheese grater.

add 1 cup of Borax and 1 cup of Washing Soda, mix it well and store it in an air tight container. You only need 2 Tablespoons for each full load, and it works amazingly! I have allergies to some laundry soaps but I have absolutely no problem with this. my clothes came out clean and fresh and working with the lavender soap I bought was so refreshing compared to the chemically produced smells contained in other laundry soaps.
I am completely sold on this and I hope to pass this onto Adelle when she's old enough to help. Try it out, Have you tried any other homemade remedies for household cleaners? I'm kinda tempted to try it with other stuff!


  1. I only use cold water to wash.. does it matter with this soap?