Adelle's Princess Dress

Adelle LOVED her princess dress, she liked dancing around in it and learning to pick the front up when walking up and down stairs. She's wearing the pearl necklace I wore for Brett and My wedding.
 The Library had a party for the little kids and it was so perfect. Her favorite part was bowling, she loved running up and knocking all the pins down. I felt bad for the kid who had to keep picking them up but he was so nice!
The bodice and skirt came from a pattern, but I altered the sleeves and added the ruffled top skirt to make it more princess like. She's wearing her bloomers, although you can't see them. They'll be perfect for walking around on Halloween night. 
This is the first Halloween we're celebrating and the first costume I've made, in the past we've either been moving or too tired to wander the brick road of Gretna but it'll be fun this year to take her door to door. She likes attention!


  1. The dress is adorable and so is your daughter :) You're very talented!

  2. Oh, I LOVE this! I would love to make one for my daughter for dress up. Would you be willing to share the pattern you used?

    Too cute!!


  3. LOVE the dress! It turned out darling!!!

  4. Darling! My own Adele would love this too!

  5. Cute! What pattern did you use for the bodice?