And We Begin

If I wasn't just a little over booked I have officially done it! Adelle is showing all signs to want to learn the big girl potty so we're going to encourage it. It's hard to find the right way to go about it, I admit I get easily frustrated, especially when I'm cleaning up messes so Potty Training pants are our plan.
On my grocery trip to Walmart I picked a $5 barbie up as a bit of a reward/ bribe. She's been obsessed watching this barbie movie we got from the library and as soon as she saw the barbie in the box, she recognized her and called her "Barbie!" which goes to show you branding works even on a 2 year old.

I told Adelle she can look at her barbie but I'm not getting her out until she goes pee in the potty. She was quick to act but we're still waiting for her to actually go, but I think she's more interested. I have a photo shoot this Sunday so I'm finishing up the dress.I'm excited to see how this all turns out.
We're heading to the pumpkin patch tomorrow, any plans for your weekend?

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