A month of unfinished projects

It seems as of late I've been talking about all the stuff I need to get done, and now that October is here I really need to kick it into high gear. So just in case you thought I was exaggerating my to do list, here are some pictures to prove it!
 All of my fabric has been organized into colors. This took me a long time to go through and I actually got rid of A LOT of fabric, hopefully someone at the Good Will will enjoy them.
We're in the process of turning the attic into Adelle's playroom, there is so much space up there it'll be perfect, once it's finished.
 Friends at church were kind enough to pass this beauty onto us for free. I've been in the process of painting it. There is only a little bit left to do and since the weather should be nice I think it's time to finish it. There was glass missing from one of the doors so I got some cut at Lowes and with a little help from Papa Joe, we'll have this sucker up and in our dining room, hopefully before the week is over.

I started this project after watching last weeks Project Runway. They're challenge was a Mod 70's look so I dug out my vintage pattern and started work on a jumper/ ruffled shirt combo for Adelle. So cute!

I also have a dress to finish this week for a photo shoot we're doing Sunday. I'm so looking forward to this project. Family photos are coming up too and I haven't even spent the time figuring out what we're all going to wear. If you want to send a little motivation my way it'd be much appreciated! I have a tutorial figured out, it'll be executed sometime in the near future, I promise! 

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