Tutorial: Bloomers for your princess

As we're getting closer to Halloween I'm adding a few details to Adelle's princess outfit. I realized this morning that the Library's Halloween party is tonight so I whipped these up pretty fast. you can follow this tutorial if you're making bloomers or just pants, so easy!

I used a pants pattern I already had, you can either make your own or go off of a different pattern, to make your own fold children's pants in half, and mark around edge leaving an 1" for seam allowance, and movement. cut 2 for front and 2 for back.

Next sew the crotch, I used my Serger but you can use any machine.
 unfold your pants and with right sides facing sew the side seams together
now take your lace or eyelet fabric and with right sides together pin it to the bottom part of your leg opening

Now flip that down and iron seam, continue on other leg.
Next measure where you want your second piece of lace or eyelet to lay, flip it over and stitch it to the leg
you'll end up with a tiered look like this
now flip your pants inside out and stitch up the inseam
Finish by sewing a casing for the waistband and insert elastic, close your casing and done!

Right now Adelle looks like she's ready to go disco in her white bell bottoms but these are going to look so cute peeping out under her princess dress. Pictures to come from tonight. Enjoy making these little pantaloons for your daughter, perfect for the dress up trunk!. 

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