Weekend Warriors: Under the Weather

It's been a long process but the hutch is finally finished and in our dining room! It gives up so much more storage and I owe a special thanks to Brett's grandpa who put the glass in and created a frame to keep it in. Brett's dad was kind enough to come over and help bring the massive sucker in. They had to take it from the garage in the back all the way to our front door, too big to fit through the back door. It was heavy too! 
Adelle and I are trying to get some R&R; we're both sick with sinus issues and energy is definitely lacking, at least mine is. Besides the cough and the cuddling you would never think Adelle was sick. Hopefully we're feeling better before Monday night, I would hate to miss another Halloween because I'm sick. Especially since I made Adelle's costume. Have a good rest of your weekend, I hear some places are getting snow already!

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