In Need of Inspiration

All Fall I've been obsessing over Adelle's birthday and Thanksgiving and I admit I'm so happy to be done and
have time to process and think creatively.
Sad to see this blog is finished but I think I'll be sifting through their 4 yr. archive for creative ideas! Click the above picture to be taken to their website.

I kind of feel I've lost my creative niche ever since Brett started school. I've been unable to really explore and although I love Pinterest there is something about experiencing creativity, feeling the texture and studying it. Pictures are great but they're so flat.
All I want to do is take that little jacket off the adorable little girl and study each stitch that was put into it. Don't you just love that white pop off that Sapphire blue. I see Sapphire being really big this next year!

 But I have to admit that I am still partial to that mustard yellow, never thought I would be but there is something lovely and organic about it.
Like most people I've been making my Christmas list, not only for other people but my own as well.
 Love this red suede bracelet and for only $18 I wouldn't mind ordering it.
 I see a cape in Autumn 2012 with my name on it, I think I'll base it a little off of this.
 Some of the most inspiring things to me come from Australian or UK blogs and magazines.
I think if I use any sort of Khaki in design it's a camel tone. I'm not a fan of the light khaki it just falls flat. 

I'm working on a list of inspirations and goals for this coming year, including personal, family, business, and creative goals, Would love to hear what inspires you!

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