Inspiration Station

This beautiful book has just been released and I spent a little time at Barnes and Noble drooling over it while Adelle played with their train set, Am I the only one who bribes her daughter with a train set to go to a book store so I can drink coffee and enjoy flipping through a book for free?
This book features 5 patterns and then 70 different versions of what members of Burdastyle made. If that isn't inspiring I don't know what is. I've had a little bit of a fear of changing a pattern but it opens up so many doors if you tweak just a little. Adelle's princess dress was the first one I really changed and I was pretty proud of how it turned out.
I'm working on Adelle's Birthday/Christmas dress this week, it's a vintage pattern as you may remember I used it to make a dress that got shredded in my washer. It's okay, I've gotten past it (repressing feelings). I'm using a technique that makes sewing a bodice a MILLION times easier! I'll be sharing it with you soon!
I've asked for this Book for Christmas, Anyone else jumping on the fast moving train towards Christmas?

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  1. Absolutely we are thinking about Christmas. One thing I would really like is a Hoopnotica travel hoop and dvd. You are so inspiring with your many sewing projects! Someday I will learn to use my sewing machine like a pro.