Adelle's Gingerbread people

 We had this little gingerbread man ornament on our tree yesterday. Adelle wanted to take him to nap with her unfortunately that was the end of him. His stuffing started coming out and I wasn't in the mood to try and fix him. So we made our own this morning.
We decided to start a very strict schedule with Adelle, we used to have one but we got away from it, We're hoping this will help us find more activities she likes to do. Each day we're going to do something different at the same time during the morning. We'll either bake something, make something, experiment, or field trip. Daddy is in charge of the science stuff (which I'll have fun photographing.)
Adelle had so much fun gluing the faces on these little guys and making buttons and bows from different felt. She did a really good job sitting next to me and watched me sew the little accessories on, as fast as I could might I add.
She also enjoys making them kiss. What a character. Do you have any good activities you do with your kids?

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