Christmas Hangover

I hope you had a Merry Christmas. We spent our holiday with Brett's family, it was very relaxing, the food was good, the games were fun and the gifts were awesome. I think this was really the first Christmas Adelle was old enough to participate in and understand. You loved the whole present thing. She had a hard time accepting that not all the presents were hers.
First thing she saw was her doll house, Made by Papa Joe, and decorated by Brett and I.

 Then she opened her stocking, She saw her old hat hanging in the closet and wanted to wear it.
 Showing me her new finger flashlight.

 Besides her socks (yes she's obsessed with socks) I think one of her favorite presents was her heart necklace.
 Adelle threw her gingerbread men out the 2nd story window, I can imagine the story We came up with.
These were the presents my Secret Santa got me, Thanks Grandma Winnie, I was beyond excited about these, can't wait to get started!

We have a few things to do today, 2 of which are sewing projects. So are you sad that Christmas is over or looking forward to getting back to a routine?

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