A Decade on Purpose

As 2011 comes to an end and 2012 is on the horizon I've been thinking about this campaign Berean challenged us with back at the beginning of 2010. Living a Decade on Purpose. I know you can't plan your life out to the T but this made me think of the many days that have passed with me just putting around lazily. It also made me think of everything that has happened/ accomplished this past year:
  • I finished Cosmetology School.
  • We witnessed a beautiful wedding between our friends Jenna & Evan.
  • We are expecting our 2nd baby.
  • Adelle's speech has improved dramatically, as well as the love we have for her.
  • I learned to knit
  • I've improved my sewing skills dramatically
  • finished countless projects
  • Made new friends at the small Church in Gretna
  • Brett is working hard towards his degree in Video Game design & Simulation
  • Watched one of the dresses I made be photographed and featured on a Nebraska Wedding Photographer's website
  • Written tutorials to help other women learn to sew (and this is one of my favorites because I am so passionate about creating)
  • Made new blog friends
Now the question  is what are we going to accomplish this coming year? What do you want to see in the next 8 years, before this decade is over?

To put it in perspective for myself: Adelle will be 11 years old, Adrian will be 7. I will be 33 years old and Brett 32.
  • By 2020 I want to own a house
  • I want to do Omaha Fashion Week as a designer
  • I want to work in a studio along side some awesome and talented hair stylists
  • I want Brett to be working his dream job
  • Adelle and Adrian to be straight A students
    • To be well behaved, grateful, sympathetic, and giving
    • working towards knowing Jesus
    • engaging in their talent
    • exploring
    • and playing games like it's nobodies business!
  • I want our family to be close knit but not that creepy close knit where people are weary about the family
  • I want to be even closer to my oldest of friends
  • And better at making new friends
  • I want Brett and I to take a vacation just the two of us to New England and go exploring
What can I do this year to accomplish these goals down the road: Work on design and howning my skills. Stay educated in hair and network: i.e. go hang out with Tino (a great and talented stylist), Be an encouragement to Brett instead of a nagger. And as for Adelle & Adrian: lead by example!

I love new beginnings! I love list making and accomplishing! What do you want out of this New Year?

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