G-L-A-M... you know the rest of the song, I have to admit that's the only part of that song I know, Sad I know. So I have to say that the further I get a long in my pregnancy the less I want to wear normal people clothes let alone style an outfit. Sorry but I think that's normal for every woman. But I'm developing plans to make a whole new wardrobe after Baby Adrian makes his debut.
I'm still obsessing over the BurdaStyle Handbook but I have to keep telling myself I have bridesmaid dresses to work on before I can dive into that big of a project.
I've been getting inspired by Rue Magazine. check out their Holiday issue and follow them, you won't regret it!
I love the cover dress, and that collar is amazing!
What did you wear when you were pregnant, did you have a favorite item? I'm more of a plain colors and cardigan kind of prego girl.

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