Tutorial: Cozy Little Leg Warmers

These little leggings have become so popular in the kid and baby world, I bought some a while back when Adelle was a babe, and my friend Jenna reminded me that they'd be really good for Adrian too. Make those diaper changes a little faster.
Adelle's been looking for socks that will pull up to her knees, lately she's been stealing my socks and claiming them as her own.
These were SO EASY and FAST to make, anyone can make them.
First buy a nice pair of women's knee high socks. I got these at Target for $2.50.
You'll pay way more than that for a pair of leg warmers.
cut about 2" away from the heal, I admit I didn't measure I just eyeballed it.
then cut right next to the heal so you end up with 2 tubes and 2 end pieces.
(this shows a pair of socks)
fold your end in half, right sides facing out
put your end part over around your tube and pin the rough edges together.
make sure you don't pin the sock closed
I used a serger but you can use a regular sewing machine for this part. If you're using a regular sewing machine set your machine to a zig zag stitch, with a smaller width and a longer stitch length. It'll look almost like a straight stitch but it'll have some give to it so the sock can stretch when worn.

the most important part while sewing is try not to stretch the fabric, and make sure you catch all three layers as you sew.
If you serged it you don't have to worry about raw edges, but if you used a regular sewing machine you really don't have anything to worry about either. jersey doesn't unravel, it just rolls
There you have it! I made these 4 pairs in under a half an hour.
2 pairs for Adelle and 2 for Adrian.
You could add bows or buttons to dress them up even more, but I admit I'm somewhat of a plain jane.

This was such an easy, quick project and Adelle LOVES them. she's sleeping with them on right now.
As always if you make them I'd love to feature them. If you have any questions email me at WillowWould.blogspot.com

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