New Things Make Me Happy

The best kind of doctor to go to is the eye doctor, you get to have an excuse to buy an accessory! My SIL helped me pick these beautiful babies out! So thankful for her deeply honest opinion!
I actually got my glasses about a week ago but we've been too sick and nothing is more attractive than a close up of snot running down your face!

Thankfully we're all on the mend and getting back into a changing routine. Only 10 more weeks to Baby Adrian's debut, I know I have yet to post maternity pictures, maybe now that I did my make-up and hair I'll actually get around to doing at least one!
If you haven't noticed the WillowWould Etsy shop is now open and I'll be adding more items in the days to come. Between finishing a bridesmaid dress, speech therapy, book reading, Pinteresting, knitting and finishing up some baby projects (yes I consider Pinterest a priority!) My plate is filled, thankfully I have that nesting bug kicking into overtime. Have an Awesome Thursday!

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