DIY Dyed Canvas Shoes

Adelle loves her shoes and I love the price of white canvas oxfords ($5 at Walmart) for the spring and summer. There is seriously no craft project as easy as dying canvas shoes. Adelle wanted them pink which makes it a good Valentines day gift. It's an easy project that any one can do and Adelle loved stirring and watching the shoes change color. Here is my recipe for your color solution, I don't go by the package, sorry Rit!

What you need:
  • your choice in fabric dye, I like the brand Rit. To do the pink I actually chose the scarlet red, it makes a nice coral pink rather than a bright or baby pink
  • salt
  • hot water
  • item to dye preferably made of cotton. the polyester thread/ rubber will not dye. it might have a tint to it but it'll rub off.
  • container to dye your stuff in
  1.  Start by filling your container up with hot water, shake some salt in and add your color till it's a little darker than the color you want and stir.
  2. Take the shoe laces out if you want them to stay white and add your item and flip it around a little, it's a little harder with shoes because you have to get them to stay upside down, but it can be done!
  3. Occasionally stir and flip and let them soak for about 4 hours. It may look like you got the color you want in the first 5 minutes but you want to make sure they soak because when you put them in the washer a lot of the dye will get washed out.
  4. After they soak and seem a few shades darker than your desired color, throw them in the washer, without any other item and set on the small, cold cycle. wash & dry.
I love how customizable these shoes are, you can also throw in a few onsies if you want or perhaps an old shirt that needs a new color. I've heard of even changing the color of boy clothes to girl colors and vice versa but I have to admit I've never really dyed anything other something that starts out white. I think we'll get good use out of these shoes, perhaps I should have a pair too!

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